All about my photographic journey

My photographic journey started........

Around the age of 10 in 1983, my Dad handed me his camera at a family gathering and said "here you go".

It used to cost quite alot for film and development back then, so my journey started early but I didnt really get stuck in until the early days of digital. Around 1996 I got my first digital camera... and Boom ! Over a few short years digital allowed me to learn and experiment at a pace I could never have done with a film camera. I took many thousands of pictures and rapidly upgraded my gear several times. As time passed I embraced everything from landscape to macro photography, learning all the time. As my skills grew I took on proferssional photographic jobs until in 2014 I decided to build a full time photographic business. Much of the new emphasis was for wedding shoots which has been a very interesting experience. Things grew well and Matt Rogers Photography became known as the place to go for relaxed, professional, and cost effective photography. Then came Covid, lockdowns, and all the chaos and restrictions that came along with it. This proved devastating for the whole hospitality sector including wedding and other photographers. Now its time to rebuild and look to the future and many more happy photography clients..

So the journey begins again.................

Based in Bilsthorpe Nottinghamshire (NG22)
Offering wedding and commercial photography
Covering the Midlands and more
Fantastic reputation
Lots of experience
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